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Dodge/Chrysler Wheelchair Accessible Minivans
Dodge Grand Caravan handicap minivans are another success story in the mobility industry. Very similar to their Chrysler counterparts, these handicap accessible minivans have been around for a long time and are one of the most reliable on the road.

Dodge Grand Caravan - VMI Northstar Wheelchair Van Conversions
The Dodge Northstar handicap conversion van was one of the first from VMI, and continues to be one of the most popular mobility vehicle conversions from VMI. Most features of these Dodge minivans is kept in-tact, and a power in-floor ramp and lowered floor form the foundation for one of the best mobility vans in on the road.

Dodge Grand CAravan - VMI Summit Handicap Van Conversions
A power folding wheelchair ramp makes wheelchair access possible in Dodge Grand Caravan minivans with a VMI Summit handicap van conversion. Additional features like lowered floor, removable seats, and power kneel offer unprecedented wheelchair access.