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Grand Caravan with VMI Summit Conversion

Dodge Folding Ramp Vans

The Summit folding wheelchair ramp van conversion on a Dodge Grand Caravan is an economical choice compared to the popular Northstar in-floor handicapped ramp conversion from VMI. Summit mobility ramps utilize siderails that are 2 inches tall. This is especially important for those with a hard time navigating an incline. VMI Summit handicapped accessible van on the Dodge Grand Caravan also includes an industry best access ramp length of only 50.25”.

The short handicap ramp provides two key advantages to VMI customers. First, passengers can easily use the Dodge handle for the sliding door and switches because the handicapped ramp is not covering them. Second, users in wheelchairs have more room to move on and off the ramp when other vehicles park too close.

Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Summit Only

  • 2” siderails help people with a disabilities stay on the ramp when coming in and out of the handicapped vehicle
  • When other vehicles park too close, 50.25” wheelchair ramp leaves wheelchair users more room to maneuver
  • By simply pushing outward on the handicapped ramp, it can be deployed for a safe exit in the event of a mechanical or power failure
  • Handicap ramp surface allows debris to fall through so it doesn't end up inside the wheelchair vehicle
  • Mobility ramp has a quiet cabin dut to an anti-rattle device
  • 600lb. handicapped ramp rating
Dodge Grand Caravan with VMI Northstar AND Summit
  • Fully-powered accessible ramp
  • 11” drop FLEX Floor maximizes head clearance and interior space for maneuvering a wheelchair
  • Complete undercoating and rust proofing
  • PowerKneel system lowers the minivan to reduce wheelchair ramp angle
  • Total integration with Dodge systems prevents damage to vehicle/ conversion
  • Accessible van conversion is controlled through and interior sliding-door switches and Dodge keychain
  • Easy-out passenger and front driver seat stands
  • No-slip handicapped ramp
  • Total crash-testing and compliance with all government standards for safety
  • 3-year/36,000-mile warranty